Reba Ceremony
    • REBA Indigenousparty to welcome the New Year in Ngada. The party was marked by having potatoes along with taditionaldances. There is a traditional boxing match.
    • BIJALUNGU Hiupaana in Anakalang, West SUmba, the sacred ceremony Marapu  expressions of thanksgiving to the creator as well as the initial preparation of agricultural tools and seeds to be planted on land
    • PASOLA or ceremony with the traditional war horse and throwing javelin from horseback are running between the two opposing groups
Semana Santa
  •  MARCH 
    • SEMANA SANTA which is Good Friday Procession (At the easter celebration) in Larantuka, Eastern District of Flores, better known by Devotion to the Virgin Mary that is done by all Chatolics in Larantuka for generations since the XV century 
Whale Hunting
  •   APRIL 
    • WHALE Hunting Lembata
    • Traditional boat rowing race in the city of Kupang 
Bui Ihi
  •  MAY
    •  BUI IHI HOLE in Sabu, the harvest thanksgiving ceremony crops celebrated rivalry Pahere Jana (off the boat), a traditional war, cockfights and dancing Padoa

  • JUNE
    • Reinforcements Ceremony carried Alor community 
Traditional Boxing
  •  JULY
    • ETU or traditional boxing when harvest ends in Ngada 
    • SURFING COMPETITION in Nembrala Beach, Rote Island
Horse Racing

    • Arts culture traditional feastwhich followed all the district in Ende 
    • HORSE RACING in West Sumba district Waikabubak
    • Exhibition of the Indonesian Independent in Kupang

    • GREEN BEAN harvest festival to commemorate ancestors and sing folk songs in Lembata
    • LOKA POO or traditional ceremony for rice planting season in the district Sikka
Caci Dance
    • HORSE RACING in Belu
    • CACI DANCE in the district West Manggarai
    • FISHING COMPETITION in Tablolong Beach, Kupang
    • RIPUT CEREMONY or process of weaving the rope that was adopted from Indian tradition
    • WULLA PODDU or traditional ceremonies commemorate the holy month of a new year for the community or adherents Marapu (native religion Sumba) 
    • Traditional dance performances in Sika district on King's daughter
    • Prisenja proposed by Maskadar, Portuguese merchants
    • ENT Anniversary Day on December 20th

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